New Movie for Nino!

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Ninomiya Kazunari will be the lead actor for the upcoming big screen adaptation of Gantz

Nino will be playing the role of Kurono Kei:

Matsuyama Kenichi will be playing Kato Masaru:

2 questions though:
Does this mean another new single for the boys?
Will Nino be actually be wearing that wetsuit-like thingy?  (Q nino-wives' screams)

LOL.  Guess we'll find out soon enough.
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Top 10 Actors You'd Want as Your Boyfriend - 3 of our boys got in!


The Japanese and their love for creating Top 10 lists gives us the following guys as the "Actors (they'd) want as a boyfriend."  Check out who made it to the list and my opinion about them:

10. Ninomiya Kazunari  - Hmmm... Much as I love Nino, I wonder what it's like to be the girlfriend of this game otaku.  It must take an amazing amount of effort to pry him away from his game consoles.  LOL.

9. Yamashita Tomohisa - I know a couple of girls who'd LOVE to have him as a boyfriend.  Hehe.

8. Oguri Shun - He's made a reputation for being a man's man in the Japanese entertainment industry.  He's never afraid to tell the world exactly who he's dating and he gives off the feeling that he can protect you from anything and anyone who'd do you harm.  Don't see him as a husband material but as a boyfriend, this one's a definite WIN.

7. Kamiji Yusuke - Sorry, not familiar with him yet.

6. Mizushima Hiro - He's a Jun look-alike.  He married Ayaka because he said he wants "to take care of (her)."  He's smart, athletic, and he speaks good English.  If you can stomach being a married man's girl, sure, why not.  LOL.

5. Sato Takeru - I love this kid!  Well, not as much as Miura Haruma, and the mere fact that I called him a "kid" means I do'n't really see him that way (as a bf), but he looks like a fun guy to hang out with.  Looks like a good choice for people his height and his age.  :D

4. Mukai Osamu - Okay, I can't really give an unbiased opinion on this one because apart from being a fan of his, I just got my copy of his An-an cover.  Damn, he's HOT.  He seems pretty grounded despite his rise in popularity and with a genetic engineering degree no less, I guess it's safe to assume that he's pretty smart.  2 thumbs (and 2 toes) UP.

3. Fukuyama Masaharu -  The original PS (PepSi/Porn Star) boy.  Classic.  'Nuf said.

2. Sakurai Sho -  Good breeding.  Inherent kakkoi-ness.  Adorable occasional baka-ness.  Good head on his shoulders.  It's not hard to imagine how the women of Japan picked him.

1.  Matsumoto Jun - The one great love of my life.  LOL.  Kidding, but come on, he IS my ichiban.  A lot of people are wondering why he made it to the top of this list.  Some even went as far as ridiculing him, more particularly, his eyebrows.  *rolls eyes*  Okay, I'll try to be objective here.  He IS kinda ubiquitous, which I guess, would make it easy to hate him, but he does have his charms.  He's not exactly known for being smart like Sho and Hiro (Keio boys) or Mukai Osamu, but numerous Arashi shows would prove that he does have good sense.  He's obsessive/passionate about things, and I dunno, but I'd interpret that as the ability to devote oneself to something... or someone.  He's surprisingly affectionate to the people that he seems close to (read: Riida, Ryo, Shun), although his seemingly abrasive personality seems to put other people off.  Wouldn't it be nice if your guy can only show affection towards you even though he scares other people?  LOL.  

I'm babbling.  It's been a long day.  Basta, off of this list, I'd pick Hiro, Mukai Osamu, Shun and then Jun.  ;p

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Happy 10th Year Anniversary!

 I've been a fan for quite a while.  Granted, I wasn't a very active one, but I plead guilty to once in a while being caught up in the fandom too much that I'd hear myself say, "I'm having difficulty keeping up." or that, "I'm constantly broke because of Arashi."  Recently however, I had a friend who started developing an interest in the fandom and I started seeing myself in her.  I'm now flooding her with video clips, pictures and doramas; much like what babyshazam and aiah1999 did for me back then.  I suddenly remembered everything that this fandom meant to me and everything that it helped me cope up with.

I'm really proud to be supporting such a wonderful group who never fails to make me smile despite whatever it is that I'm going through, and to be a part of this wonderful group of people who, more than just being fellow fans, have slowly become/are slowly becoming real-life friends. 

Minna, kore kara mou, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.  Zutto tsuzukete.


 Okay, so since I just got back from a long lj hiatus, I've been trying to update myself for the past week with graphics, videos, news and rumors.  I've been looking for a miura haruma community and I found one, so I was going thru the posts, looking for an icon, reading, etc when I found this:

Miura Haruma was apparently seen walking hand-in-hand with Harada Natsuki.  Which, of course in Japan translates to they're secretly going out.  LOL.  Arashi/JE fans may remember her in the "controversial" AU CM's with Jun and/or in Honey and Clover/Hana Kimi with Toma.  If this is indeed true, then two thumbs up!  Some kids are raising a fuss over the age gap but c'mon.  He's a guy so it's actually a feather to his cap to hook up with an older girl.  LOL.  Plus, it's only 6 years so no biggie.  Hehehe.

See?  The kid looks happy!  XDD

Pic credit: Ringo no Uta

Btw, how fun is it that there are actually Narimiya Hiroki X Mizushima Hiro shippers out there?  Fun times, fun times.  LOL.

Ja, mata ne.  Busy weekend again so I'll probably be back online Monday/Tuesday.

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Quick Updates

 Before anything else, I would like to thank (naks, kadiri) everybody who attended the Arashi-Jun party last Saturday.  It was amazing to see 90 people gathered to celebrate events in the fandom (10th year Anniversary, Jun's birthday, the then-ongoing Kokuritsu concert).  We had a lot of fun organizing the party (kahit honestly, wala akong mashadong naitulong) and we're all glad you guys seem to have enjoyed yourselves.  

Minna-san sugoi!  Gusto ko lang i-declare - I am proud to be a part of this fandom, and I am truly thankful to have met such wonderful people thru it.  I'm glad that everybody's so warm, friendly and helpful; a lot of you have shown me kindness that I never would have expected from people I've just met.  I seriously, seriously think that fangirling, despite all its seeming frivolity and baka-ness, had made me a much better person.  So again, for all that and more, thank you.

Okay, on to other stuff:

A lot of people have noticed Ryo looking sickly in 24hr TV.  Well apparently, he really is sick.  Too bad.  I hope him and Yamapi would get well soon.  (and I really hope it isn't H1N1)

My baby ('coz he's young, not coz... y'know...), Miura Haruma, has a new dorama!  He's gonna be the lead again on this one.  Sugoi!  He's really quite talented.  I hope he develops into a good character actor, much like Oguri Shun.  They're gonna waste his talent if they start typecasting him as another matinee-idol-type artist.

Also, new drama SP for Yamada Yu and Kashii Yu!  I got really excited thinking that they'd act together but apparently, they'd be in 2 separate stories.  Oh well.  LOL.

And of course, last but not the least, over 1M 5x10 copies sold!  I am so proud of the boys.  I'm already happy as it is, but of course I'll still be cheering them on to break Mr. Children's 1.2M+ record.  (Sorry Misuchiru, Arashi comes FIRST.  LOL.)